It is revealed that only Maho Shiraishi and Kanzaki know about Aiko's effect on the Matter. Kanzaki fits a Mind Scanner to Aiko and she experiences the Burst and sees her mother and brother's capture by the Matter. Isazu becomes lab director and learns about Unit One.
-Incarnation- Anime Gets Manga This Winter", "A.I.C.O. Back in Town, Isazu tells Kurose that he has been dismissed for his use of funds from Dr. Kiryu's research budget. They are attacked by a large humanoid form of Matter which captures Aiko, Kanzaki and Maho. Incarnation, "A.I.C.O.

After encountering a new transfer student, Yuya Kanzaki, she is mysteriously able to walk again.

@#$%^&*()_-+=., characters. [6], The series is written by Yuuichi Nomura with character designs by manga artist Hanaharu Naruko. Isazu becomes lab director and learns about Unit One. Back in the city, the C.A.A.C. The teams split up and reach the Guillotine Shutter at K1, which they activate, electrifying the Matter and providing a reprieve.

The series premiered worldwide on Netflix on March 9, 2018. As the Matter slowly crystallizes, a creature crawls out, transforms and finally a regenerated Aiko emerges. Episode found on: [14][15] Kodansha USA has licensed the series for digital publication.[16]. Do not choose a password too simple, less then 4 characters, because such a password is easy to find out. Do-or-Die Survival Training, Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa, Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos, Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir, Fullmetal Alchemist 3: Kami o Tsugu Shōjo, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Dual Destinies, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, Maoyū Maō Yūsha Gaiden: Madoromi no Onna Mahōtsukai, Magimoji Rurumo: Hōkago no Mahō Chugakusei, Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Side B.B.

【Netflixアニメスレート2017】ボンズ×村田和也が贈るSFアニメ『A.I.C.O. They recover her unconscious body which is covered in carbon nanostructures. The series premiered worldwide on Netflix on March 9, 2018. This is where two years ago an abnormal artificial organic life form called the Burst was created at the Kiryu Research facility during her operation. Please follow the link from the email to continue. In 2035, an incident known as “The Burst” occurs at a Japanese research facility, giving birth to the rapidly expanding, consuming, and self-replicating "Matter." The Divers proceed with their plan which involves splitting into two groups.

The team don Live Suits that both protects them and enhances their strength. School student Aiko Tachibana is confined to a wheelchair after an accident that also killed the rest of her family. A.I.C.O. Everything Aiko knew was a lie. Isazu continues his research and deduces that when Dr. Yura died, Kurose used the body of Unit One to preserve his consciousness as Yuya Kanzaki. -Incarnation-is a Japanese science fiction original net animation (ONA) anime series produced by studio Bones. This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 17:58. Sign Up for Funimation! A.I.C.O.

The Divers confront Aiko and Kanzaki over the information that they withheld, but eventually agree to continue with the mission. Kanzaki distributes vial cartridges containing a drug to inhibit Matter activity. -Incarnation- Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. [7], The 12 episode series is an original net animation (ONA), and premiered worldwide exclusively on Netflix on March 9, 2018. Aiko feels guilty about the risk to the Divers if they proceed further because her body is not human which is accidentally overheard by Haruka.

Episode 8 | Aired on. : Incarnation in TV or Full Version for Free in OSTnime with Lyrics.

In Kiryu Hospital Kurose has data deleted from the server and discovers that the brainwaves of Yuzuha, the unconscious daughter of Kyouske Isazu, are active at the same time as Matter activity.
& M.T.C, That Time I Got Reincarnated (Again!) She distracts it by firing flares in the opposite direction and they follow its retreat. Entertainment in October 2018. Do not forget to switch keyboard layout to the English. when reading the comment. "[11] In contrast, Kayla Cobb of Decider, gave the series a deeply negative review, referring to it as a knock off of Ghost in the Shell. The series premiered worldwide on Netflix on March 9, 2018. Aiko Tachibana (橘 アイコ, Tachibana Aiko?) [12], The original soundtrack for the series, including both of the theme songs and the series' background music, was released on a two-disc CD set on March 28, 2018. [7] Junichi Higashi is the series' art director, Reiko Iwasawa serves as color key artist, and Kōki Ōta serves as CGI director. The Divers team advance towards point K2, which they must reach before sunrise to enter Area Three, however they run into Malignant Matter which resists their weapons. At ALSUS, Kanzaki, Aiko and Kazuki find the Matter has engulfed the facility. [7], The music for the series is composed by Taro Iwashiro and produced by music recording company Lantis. Shortly after entering Area One, the Divers come under attack from Malignant Matter but manage to stop it. automatically converted into the image While Aiko tells Kanzaki about the original Aiko's plan to sacrifice herself, Isazu establishes a link to and takes control of Yuzuha's humanoid Matter so he can interrogate Kanzaki/Yura and analyse Aiko's brain to save his daughter. We have sent instructions to the email address you provided during signup. After losing her family in the Burst, she continues her rehabilitation as she attends high school in a wheelchair. -Incarnation- Sci-Fi Anime (Updated)", "Netflix to Produce 30 'New' Anime Series for 2018 Release", "Netflix plans to spend $8 billion to make its library 50 percent original by 2018", "Netflix Plans to Produce 30 New Anime Series for Release in 2018", "Studio Bones Files Trademark for 'A.I.C.O.

You can paste URL of the image inside A.I.C.O. Allowed latin and ! Meanwhile, Professor Kiryu dies and Isazu becomes the lab director.

Special Forces.

[3][4][5] The series is directed by Kazuya Murata at studio Bones. They reach a storeroom where Kazuki awkwardly declares his love for Aiko and promises to save her, but she says he loves the wrong person. This has the effect of shutting down Isazu and the Matter, returning Yuzuha to consciousness. -Incarnation- Manga Launches on November 25", "Kodansha Comics Announces 5 New Digital First Manga Licenses for April", Chaika - The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle, RahXephon Interlude: Her and Herself/Thatness and Thereness, Darker than Black: Beneath the Fully Bloomed Cherry Blossoms, Mob Psycho 100 Reigen -The Miraculous Unknown Psychic-, Mob Psycho 100: The Spirits and Such Consultation Office's First Company Outing ~A Healing Trip that Warms the Heart~, My Hero Academia: Make It! The two Aikos embrace, then the duplicate Aiko goes to greet her family, before swapping places with the original Aiko. Suddenly Matter attacks the Special Forces Squad and Haruka realizes that it is attracted to light. The Divers continue with their mission, however, each time they crystallize the matter, Aiko suffers intense pain and the carbon nanostructures reappear on her body.

-Incarnation- is a Japanese science fiction original net animation (ONA) anime series produced by studio Bones. The Divers fight to protect Aiko during the brain transfer surgery, but it is a losing battle until they fire an Anti-Cell Assembler capsule onto the Matter, while back at Kiryu Hospital, Kurose severs the link between Yuzuha and her duplicates. Internet streaming service Netflix announced the series during their "Netflix Anime Slate 2017" event on August 2, 2017, as well as their plans to release it simultaneously worldwide in spring 2018.

In the year 2035, a biological research project went awry, resulting in an incident called the "Burst" that transformed Kurobe Gorge into a quarantine area infested by a rampant growth of synthetic organisms. The Divers confront Aiko and Kanzaki, but they agree to continue with the mission. In the Town, Susumu Kurose says that Aiko's brain was transplanted into an artificial body, while an artificial brain was transplanted into her physical body. As the Divers team continues, they are attacked by Matter which manages to enter the Beetle and capture Aiko sealing her within a liquid-filled pod.

The C.A.A.C.

The group clears the Gate just as the government orders an evacuation of the area. -Incarnation- Gets New English Dub on Netflix", "A.I.C.O. Promotional art for the series, prominently featuring Aiko Tachibana and Yuya Kanzaki. [7][13], A manga adaptation by Hiroaki Michiaki launched in Kodansha's shōnen manga magazine Monthly Shōnen Sirius on November 25, 2017.

Kanzaki takes her to visit her family home for the first time since the accident where they are pursued by C.A.A.C. -Incarnation- received average to positive reviews from critics and audiences. Now called the Malignant Matter, it has flowed downriver, forcing humanity to retreat towards the Sea of Japan. -Incarnation- (A.I.C.O.:化身?) detects that the Guillotine Shutter was activated. Two years later, high school student Aiko Tachibana finds that she may have an unexpected connection to the lifeform that killed her parents, and resolves to solve the mystery with the help of fellow student Yuya Kanzaki. [10] Setsuken, the owner of website Anime-Evo, praised the series in a review of the series, writing, "Its nothing transcendent, but there’s a confidence and a display of clear skill in how it takes some tried and true concepts that we haven’t seen in years, and effortlessly brings them back for the current modern age. : Incarnation - Review - Anime Evo", "Netflix's Original A.I.C.O. Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler. Special Forces Squad demand that the Divers hand over Aiko but Kanzaki refuses. As the Divers team proceeds, Kaede engages in reckless behavior while attacking the Matter which causes damage to their Beetle vehicle and delays the group's progress to point K2. Kurose updates Kanzaki about Yuzuha and Isazu learns about Unit One. Now she's joining a team of Divers to reach the place where … On the move again in Area Two, the Divers team are confronted by C.A.A.C. The series premiered worldwide on Netflix on March 9, 2018. [7] UTAMARO Movement is producing the sound under sound director Jin Aketagawa, with sound effects created by Tomoji Furuya. [7] Originally dubbed in English by Malaysia-based Iyuno Media Group, the series was redubbed by Bang Zoom! They are unaware, however, of the link between Aiko and her duplicate, and of bioactive substances she produces that can attract the Matter. Kanzaki shows her images what happened during the Burst and Aiko is finally convinced of her situation. They fight on, and Daisuke is mortally wounded, but they manage to reach K4 and activate the guillotine, temporarily stopping the Matter.