I get them tomorrow and I’m super psyched! I think I got an idea of what to get. I’m sorry to work your head muscles for this but i was wondering which one you think sounds the most musical (seat back and just enjoy the beautiful sound and layering of the music), and which one sounds most detailed (hear as much detail as possible like analyzing the sound under a microscope, not that sound can be analyzed under a microscope :p but i know you get the point). They are so comfortable and I listened to them all night with no fatigue. Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Having heard all of the company’s universal models except for the aging UM1 and UM2, I can honestly say that the W4 rules the coop.

Is the audiofly more neutral or warm/colorful and what kind of colorful do you feel from w4/sm64? Portable Headphone Ranking List by ljokerl, Ranking the Stars – flinkenick’s 2017 Flagship IEM Shootout, 2016 IEM Buyer’s Guide by Sound Signature, DIY Self-impressions for Custom In-Ear Monitors, Introduction to Bluetooth Audio Technology, https://theheadphonelist.com/headphone_review/ultimate-ears-ue-900/.

The thing I like about the w4 is its smooth sound overall plus clear details without hurting my ears like the ER4 or the Shure (excluding the 215). The Headphone List was created to help visitors select the best portable audio products for their needs by featuring the most comprehensive collection of headphone reviews published in an interactive, dynamic format.

© 2020 Westone Laboratories. In fact, the W4 seems to have a bit less bass body than the UM3X and only a touch more than the W2. Beats Audio is enabled by default.

What would be a good upgrade to the W4Rs?

The UM Pro 30 is VERY hard to beat, though the W40 is also pretty good. The bass is also very slightly soft in nature, providing a good compromise between the tight and decay-shy bass provided by more analytical earphones such as the CK10 and DBA-02 and the smoother, thicker, and more full-bodied low ends of the UM3X, SM3, and SM2. Since custom made is not a must for me, would I be better off getting a universal one off the market? You help a lot of amateurs out like me. Once fitted, the W4 immediately surprises with the tame nature of its low end – for an earphone with two dedicated bass drivers, the W4 has undoubtedly been tuned for quality over quantity.

Box 15100 Colorado Springs, CO 80935. The treble of the W4, too, achieves a compromise between the other Westone models. I was just wondering what sound score they would get in your opinion. I know they do have their shortcomings ie., the bass nor treble are up to par with the D2Kj nor as exciting to listen to but those mids are delicious and they really accomplish my goal of having something to just layback and relax to.

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Have you tried this? Deal Alert: Darkvoice 336SE Tube Headphone Amp Hits Lowest Price Ever! Cons: Tubby shells may not be ergonomic for some. Hi Joker. Details: Westone’s flagship and the first quad-driver universal earphone. I’ll probably look for something else.

Something that doesn’t give up too much bass quantity but gives you a very different (more v-shaped) sound signature with a brighter, more energetic sound would be the RHA T20. Specs: Driver: Quad BA | Imp: 31Ω | Sens: 118 dB | Freq: 10-18k Hz | Cable: 4.2’ L-plug

The resulting sound is not nearly as intimate as that of the UM3X but remains full and coherent despite the greater soundstage size without becoming as ‘falsely’ enveloping as that of the Earsonics SM3.

The tone of the W4, too, is slightly more neutral than that of the UM3X and the timbre is on-par with the SM3 and about as good as it gets for BA-based earphones. The W4’s midrange again strikes a good balance between the forward and creamy-sounding mids of the UM3X and SM3 and the thinner, slightly grainier midrange of the W2.