泣ける神曲![ re: ] /『もう一度』をぜひみんなに聞いて欲しい。ワンオクのTakaや清水翔太、絢香など豪華アーティスト8人が参加したコラボ曲が最高すぎる。 kono genjitsu ni memai sae shite, sore demo kitto ikinakucha dame da Carry on Stay alive dareka mamoru shimei motte umareta, mada ashita wo miushinaccha dame da Carry on Stay alive kore ijou no namida wa iranai iranai, With the world we once knew On the brink of destruction I’ve been thinking About who I should blame When the sad news sends me reeling, But we can’t lose sight of tomorrow So carry on, stay alive We don’t need any more tears, Before I knew it, my hand was slipping away So I embraced you with all my might Before it was too late Once the storm passes and the sun comes out Let’s hold hands once more and walk onward. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Carry on Stay alive 転写歌詞をリクエストする ; 新しいイディオムを追加する ... LT → 日本語 → [ re: ] project → もう一度 → トランスリタレーション. 「もう一度」ワンオクTakaら8名が奇跡のコラボ! 歌詞・リモートMVについて解説【動画あり】 更新日: 2020-06-06 ONE OK ROCKのTakaと清水翔太が火付け役となり、8名の同世代アーティスがつむいだコラボ曲「もう一度」。 僕は 考えていた もう一度手を繋いで歩こう, 君を想って 唄を歌うよ 【re:】 『もう一度』歌詞. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.
This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 当たり前に 当たり前に あった世界が壊れそうな今 誰のせいにしようか 僕は 考えていた 悲しいニュースに目眩さえして でも明日を見失っちゃダメだ Carry on Stay alive

いらない, Taka(ONE OK ROCK)と清水翔太が“[re:]プロジェクト”を発足し、同世代アーティストと共に歌いつなぐ新曲「もう一度」をYouTubeで公開した。, [re:]プロジェクトはTakaと清水が「こんな時代だからこそ、同じ世代のアーティストが集まることで何かできないか?」と話し合い立ち上げた企画。2人の意思に賛同した阿部真央、絢香、Aimer、KENTA(WANIMA)、Nissy、三浦大知が参加した楽曲「もう一度」には、“もう一度手を取り合って、みんなで未来を向いて歩いて行こう”というメッセージが込められている。. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.

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Carry on Stay alive

Eu vou cantar uma canção pensando em você Você vem desviando o olhar, como se não se importasse Mas culpar alguém vai nos levar à nossa salvação Quando esta realidade nos atordoa? Je veux marcher avec toi encore une fois. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 嵐が去って晴れたら 当たり前に 当たり前に We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Carry on Stay alive これ以上の涙はいらない, 気付いた時には既に 僕の手 離れて These cookies do not store any personal information. Il faut continuer de vivre, c’est sûr Continue Reste en vie Nous sommes tous nés avec le devoir de protéger l’autre, Mais on ne peut pas perdre demain de vue Continue Reste en vie On n’a pas besoin de plus larmes On n’en a pas besoin. Certamente, nós temos que continuar vivendo Então continue, fique vivo Cada um de nós nasceu com o dever de proteger o outro, Nós ainda não podemos esquecer do amanhã Então continue, fique vivo Nós não precisamos de mais lágrimas Nós não precisamos delas, Vamos dar as mãos mais uma vez e seguir caminhando, Home » 歌手 (Artists) » [ re: ] » もう一度 (Mou Ichido), Copyright © 2011-2020 Lyrical Nonsense【歌詞リリ】, Japanese music enthusiast, lyrical translator, and #1, Your regular human being that likes all types of songs (^^)v, I'm a chill lemon with an interest for all things japanese (except... you know (^_-) ), ねがいぼし (Negaiboshi) – 絢香&三浦大知 (Ayaka & Daichi Miura), ハートアップ (Heart Up) – 絢香&三浦大知 (Ayaka & Daichi Miura). This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Com o mundo que conhecíamos À beira da destruição Eu estive pensando Em quem eu deveria culpar Quando as notícias ruins me atordoam, Mas nós não podemos esquecer do amanhã Então continue, fique vivo Nós não precisamos de mais lágrimas, Antes que eu percebesse, minha mão estava escorregando Então eu te abracei com toda minha força Antes que fosse tarde demais Uma vez que a chuva passe e o Sol apareça Vamos dar as mãos mais uma vez e seguir caminhando.

手遅れなんてことにならないように Surely, we have to go on living So carry on, stay alive We were each born with the duty to protect someone else, We can’t loose sight of tomorrow yet So carry on, stay alive We don’t need any more tears We don’t need them, Let’s hold hands once more and walk onward, Con el mundo que conocíamos En el borde de la destrucción He estado pensando En quién debería culpar Cuando las noticias tristes me aturden, Pero no podemos perder de vista el mañana Entonces continúa, sigue vivo No necesitamos más lágrimas, Antes de que me diera cuenta, mi mano se estaba soltando Entonces te abracé con todas mis fuerzas Antes de que fuera muy tarde Una vez que la tormenta pase y el sol salga Hay que tomarnos de la mano una vez más y caminar hacia adelante.
誰か守る使命持って産まれた, 気付いた時には既に 僕の手 離れて 手遅れなんて事にならないように Tenons-nous la main et marchons encore une fois. 嵐が去って晴れたら

阿部真央、絢香、Aimer、KENTA(WANIMA)、清水翔太、Taka(ONE OK ROCK)、Nissy(西島隆弘)、三浦大知の8人のアーティストによるコラボレーション楽曲「もう一度」がYouTubeにて公開された! [ re: ] /『もう一度』 YouTubeの動画概要欄にはコラボレーションの経緯が記されており、Takaと清 … But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. もう一度手を繋いで歩こう, まだ明日を見失っちゃダメだ

僕は君を痛いくらい抱きよせて 他人事のよう 目を背ける君にも [歌詞翻訳] [ re: ] / もう一度 (英訳/和訳) この投稿をInstagramで見る 集合写真 @gakushi0817 くんとは写真撮れなかったけど、宮本笑里さんプランチャイムのみなさん、re:project のみんな! Tu détournes le regard, comme si ça ne te regardait pas Mais est-ce que blâmer quelqu’un nous sauvera, Quand la réalité nous ébranlera ?

この現実に 目眩さえして, それでもきっと生きなくちゃダメだ